Welsh Photographers – 19th century


Some decorative cdv backs from Wales

Allen, C S – Tenby   -1895

Anderson, J – Welshpool  -1889/90-1895-

Bellisario, G – 226 Bute Road, Cardiff -1895-1901-

Biddle, R – Monmouth   -1871-1884-

Bishop, W H – Bodfors & Kinmel St., Rhyl  -1880-

Bradshaw, G B – Carmarthen Street, Llandilo

Brown, J – Kinmel Street, Rhyl   -1895-

Caddick’s American Sudio – Bala etc

Chapman, Henry – 235 High Street, Swansea   -1871-1901-

Clarke, A – Bangor   -1895-  (also in Caernarvon)

Cole, W H – Royal Arcade Studio, Cardiff  -1891-

Cox, W H, & Co – 199 Bute Road, Cardiff  -1891-1901-

Dando, I T & Sons – 47 Commercial Str. Newport, Mon.  -1884-1901-

Davies, H H – Pier street, Aberystwyth   -1895-1901-

Evans, D W – 197 Bute Road, Cardiff  -1891-1901-

Forrest, Thomas – Cambrian Studio, Market Street, Pontypridd   -1895-1901-

Freke, Alfred – 12 Duke Street, Cardiff  -1891-1901-

Goldie, J(ohn) Harrison – Temple Studio – Temple Street, Swansea  -1884-1901-

Helsby, W G, jnr. – 24 Vale Street, Denbigh     -1895-

Howe, T L – Cardiff    -1871-   (1895, Penarth)

Howell Brothers, Lammas Street, Carmarthen

Howell, H – Lammas Street, Carmarthen  -1884- & -1901- (Howell & Adams  -1891-1895-)

Lee, E P – Cardiff   -1871-

Lee & Co – 9, Crockherbtown, Cardiff  -1871-1884-

Lettsome & Sons – Llangollen    Edward Lettsome was in business as a photographer in the Llangollen area from at least 1871 – 1911. Hi sons, John, Walter, Edward & Allen were also involved in the business at various times from 1881 onwards.

Long, F – Cardiff

Lott, Edwin – Molton Studio, Bridgend  -1884-1901-

Madge, Eddie – Frogmore Buildings, Abergavenny  -1901-

McLucas & Co – Vaughan Street, Llanelly    c1884-1901-

Middleton, Mrs – Pembroke Dock

Owen, Hugh – Comerian Studio, Barmouth & Dolgelly      -1895-

Owen, John – Broad Street, Newtown, N. Wales  -1895-

Riches, A W & Co – Grand Novelty Studio, Rhyl, N.Wales   -1895-

Slater, I – Mostyn Street, Llandudno    -1895-

Villiers, P(eter) A F – Llandridnod Wells, -1901- (-1881-1891- in Newport. Villiers also worked in Nugent Wells at some point)

Wallis – 8 & 9 Clarence Place, Newport, Mon.      (1871, Brecon)

Wickens – Retina Studio & Studio Royal, Bangor    -1895-

Williams, Isaac – 33 Pentrebach Road, Treforest, Pontypridd  -1891-1901-

Williams, R Tudor – Monmow Street, Monmouth  -1871-1895-

Williams & Williams – Arcade Studio, Newport & Osborne Road, Pontypool, (Cardiff -1891-1901)

Worrall, Hy. – Severn Street, Newtown, North Wales  -1895-

The dates when these studios were operating were found in various Welsh trade directories of the 19th century, among them Pigot’s, Worral’s, Slater’s, Kelly’s and P.O.

NB For another site with information on 19th century Welsh photographers click here

22 Responses to Welsh Photographers – 19th century

  1. Gavin K Williams says:

    I have several photos taken by Williams & williams of Newport if they are of any interest to anyone?

  2. Evelyn Hunt says:

    Does anyone happen to have any details, such as years in business, of a photographer named J Lawrence, 80 Queen Street, Cardiff? Trying to put approximate date on a photo.

  3. Lily Phillips says:

    I have several Victorian-era photographs, and one of them is from Alfred Freke. Do you know if there’s any kind of catalog or anything of Freke’s photography? I would like to be able to look up the names of the people in the picture.

    • qvictoria says:

      Hello Lily,
      I don’t know of any archives for the photos of Mr Freke. Very few survived, Reeves of Lewes and Winters of Derby being two examples that did. I wonder if the local record office would be able to help. Good hunting g

      • Pennyb says:

        HI, I also have an Alfred Freke of Cardiff photograph and can narrow it down to 1900 as it shows my Great Grandfather with his second wife as groom and they married in that year. If you find an interested party, I am happy to share it.

  4. Cesar Alejandro Capanegra says:

    I have a photo taken by C Bellisario, wondering is it possible to recognize who he is? Of course, if there are photo files

  5. Leslie says:

    I have a photo labeled by my great great grandparents as “The Millers Rhondda, Pontypridd, Wales”. “Cambrian Studio” is printed under the photo. We always thought it was John Miller 1797-1876 and his wife Ann Humphrey 1800-1873. Did the studio exist prior to 1895-1901?

  6. John Noble says:

    I have an oak aneriod barometer signed on the dial Nugent Wells and Son Newport Mon. I can send an image if anyone would like to see it.

    John Noble

  7. Kathleen Reiss says:

    I have a photo album from the 1800 on. It was purchased at a family reunion from some relatives from wales. Is there a way to track down the names of the people if the picture numbers are given?

  8. Caroline says:

    I’m looking for a year of death for Alfred Freke – any ideas? I seem to be drawing a blank.

    • qvictoria says:

      I’ll see if I can find it for you

      • Pennyb says:

        Alfred Freke died on 16th July 1920, I believe. The death was registered in Pocklington or at least the probate record was registered there in 1920. I found a Web link for a painter Alfred Freke who died at that date and then checked out Ancestry and found the probate. He was living at 18, Queen Street, Cardiff. Hope that this is correct.

  9. rebecca whittall says:

    I an trying to do my family tree.
    My nan has got a photo album called ‘the seaside album’ with pictures in it from around late 1800 early 1900
    She knows the people in this album are from her mother’s side but doesn’t know who they are.
    One of tge photographers is hy worrall
    Would there be a small chance of records kept so that we know who they are?

    • qvictoria says:


      What a lovely family memento to have, so annoying though not knowing who is who.

      It is very unlikely that any of Henry Worrall’s records are still around, local studies libraries or County archives being perhaps the best bet.

      sorry I can’t be of more help.


  10. Gilruth Rees says:

    We have photographs taken by P.A.F Villiers of Nugent Wells and his wife. Very well kept examples of his craft. They have been passed down through generations of the family, being the parents of my husband’s grandmother. Also have a glass plate of a previous female ancestor.
    thought this may be of interest.
    Gilruth Rees, in Australia

    • qvictoria says:

      Thank you, Gilruth, for the information about Mr Villiers. I shall add a note to his entry to the effect that he also worked in Nugent Wells ( I only knew of him in Llandrindod Wells and Newport).

      If you would like to scan in some copies I could feature them on the blog.


    • Neil Robert Rudge says:

      My name is Neil Rudge and my Great Grandmother on my Mother’s Side of the Family was Nugent Wells’s Daughter, Elsie Nugent Wells, whom was married to a Thomas Morris Prosser. Elsie died in 1963 at the age of 93, when I was only six years of age, but I just remember visiting her once at her huge Newport House , formerly Nugent’s, when I was very young.
      I am currently researching my Family tree as well as collecting momentos related to Nugent Wells, the former Newport Clockmaker and Jeweller, having already obtained two Clocks, and two Pocket Watches sold by his business, but would particularly value putting faces to Nugent and one of his two wives Mary Evans, and Emma Byron (reputedly related to Lord Byron?)
      I am also aware that two of Nugents Grandson’s, Geoffrey (aka Geoff, an Aircraft Engineer and Author), and brother Lionel emigrated the New Zealand and Australia, respectively.
      Concluding, I would very much appreciate a Digital or Analog copy of the photographs of Nugent and his wife, to complete my collection and Family Tree, I being the Son of Pauline Prosser, whom was the daughter of my Grandfather Ronald Prosser, the son of Thomas and Elsie Nugent Wells.
      Best Regards,
      Neil Robert Rudge.

    • Janet Hall says:

      I am a great great granddaughter of Nugent Wells. Have you done. Family tree?

      • Neil R Rudge says:

        Yes, I have indeed built a family tree via Ancestry.com, Are you a subscriber of such a service?
        Neil R Rudge.

      • Janet Hall says:

        No I am not but intend to do so. I only found out this week that my grandfather Donald Wells spent some time in prison.
        Janet Hall (née Wells)

  11. Kath Watson says:

    We have a photo taken by D W Evans & Co, probably in the 19th century. We are not sure who it is but we think it might have been David George Roberts or William Roberts. I know it is a long shot as you probably don’t have any records kept from that long ago, but if by chance you do I can e-mail a copy of the photo on the slim chance you may be able to identify him.

    Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide.

    Kath Watson

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