Ba – Bo

Babington Photographic Studio – Derby  (date unknown)

Baker & Hudson – Birmingham, Warwickshire  -1900-

Baker & Son  – Luton    -1885-1890-

Baker, Edmund S – Birmingham, Warwickshire  -1869-1888-

Baker, W – Stockton on Tees, Co. Durham  -1873-1897-

Baker, W – Birmingham, Warwickshire  -1879-1888-

Baker, W & Co. – Bath, Somerset  (date unknown)

Baker, Walter – Nottingham  -1893-1900-

Ball, Edw. S. – Cambridge  (date unknown)

Ball, William – Peterborough, Northampton  -1869-1877-

Banes, Edward – Rochester, Kent  -1860-1882-

Banks, J? – Manchester, Lancashire  -1870s-1895-

Banyard, C – Downham/E.Dereham, Norfolk  -1869-1883-

Barker, John – Sheffield, Yorkshire  -1895-1900-

Barker,  J T – Stapleford, Derbys/Notts

Barnard, J – Bedford  -1877-

Barnes, R F – Lewisham  -established 1856- (according to advert on back of photograph) -1874-1898-

Barnes T J & Son – London   -1865-1888- 2 different addresses

Barnes, Thomas J – London  -1859-1862-

Barns, Samuel – Ashford, Kent  -1870-1887-

Barritt, Jas. jnr – Colchester, Essex  -1867-

Barry – Hull, Yorkshire  -1876-1900-

Barthorpe, Geo. H. – Morecambe, Lancs   -1886- . In Bradford by 1893

Bartlett, J – Oddington  -1881-

Bartlett, L W – Banbury, Oxfordshire  -1895-1903-

Barwise, J  –  Workington, Cumberland   (possibly 1880s)

Bassano – Regent Street, London W -1862-1876-  but had five addresses up to 1896

Batemann, J – Canterbury, Kent  -1867-1887-

Batho, F(red) – Cheetham Hill   -1891- (as a photographer Fred Batho moved around, to Openshaw In 1871, Broughton in 1881 and Manchester in 1901)

Batiste, M & Son – Oxford St, London  -1886-1901-

Baum, F – Manchester, Lancashire  -1876-1895-

Baverstock, W J – Marlborough, Wilitshire  -1875-1895-

Beach, S – Birmingham, Warwickshire  (date unknown)

Beach, W – Camberwell, Surrey  -1878-

Beales Brothers – Hyde, Cheshire  -1892-

Beales, F – Boston, Lincolnshire  -1872-1900-

(Beales, F & G – Boston  -1900-)

Beales, G – Spalding, Lincolnshire   established 1859 -1900–

Beales, G Anthony – Ipswich, Suffolk  -1887-1896-

Beales, W – Peterborough, Northampton  -1885-

Beer, W – Exmouth  -1883- (at Station Parade) (1866- at Chapel Street)

Bell, J – Frome, Somerset  -1881-1902-

Benedetti/Boccalini  -Rye Lane    (date unknown)

Bennett, E – Redbank, Manchester      -1873-

Bennett, T – Worcester & Malvern  -1860-1912-

Bennett, T – Worcester  -1860-1900-

Bentley, B W – Buxton, Derbyshire  -1876-1888-  updated

Berlin Portrait Studio – London SE  (date unknown)

Bernasconi & C0 – Birmingham, Warwickshire  (date unknown)

Berra, J – Manchester  -1886-

Berry Bros – Chorley, Lancashire  (date unknown)

Berry, L(uke) – Bolton   -1895-1905-

Beverley, S – Blackpool

Biddle, R – Monmouth   -1871-1884-

Billinghurst – Uxbridge etc, Middlesex   -1890-1899-

Biltcliffe – Penistone, Yorkshire  -1880-1900-

Bird, H E – Nottingham  -1885-1886-

Bird H Edward – Stamford, Lincolnshire  -1896-1900-

Birtles – Northwich & Knutsford, Cheshire  -1865-1876-  (In Northwich 1865)

Birtles & Longshaw – Warrington, Lancashire  -1876-

Biskeborn, C – Chatham, Kent  -1874-

Blackmore, T N – Hull, Yorkshire  -1870s-

Blake, J T -Sheffield, Yorkshire  -1896-1900-

Bloomfield, H – Burton on Trent, Staffordshire  -1881-1888-

Boak, M – Driffield, Yorkshire -1879-1901-

Boak & Sons – Bridlington Quay  est. 1859

Bolton, M(artha), Mrs – Ely, Cambs  -1892-1896-

Bolton, W – Penrith, Cumberland    -1873-

Bolton, W J & Co – Walton on Thames, Surrey   -1867-

Boning & Small – St Leonards, Sussex  -1874-1882-

Boot, Edward – New Briggate, Leeds    -est. 1846-1866-

Booth, A – Nottingham  -1876-1895-

Booth, H C – Harrogate, Yorkshire  -1861-1866-

Booth, W P – Worksop, Nottinghamshire  -1881-1885-

Booty, Abbott – Oxford   -1869-1976-

Bordley – Stafford   -1888-1896-

Bordley, Jno. – Settle, Yorkshire  -1893-

Borland & Edwards – Morecambe, Lancashire  (date unknown)

Borrow, J – South Shields   (date unknown)

Borrows, Messrs – South Shields, Co Durham  -1881-1883-

Bottomley, Joseph – Bradford, Yorkshire   -1861-1887-

Boucher, A – Brighton, Sussex  -1871-1895-

Boursnell, Mr Robert & Mrs Margaret – London  -1891-1901  (Robert Boursnell in Shepherd’s Bush -1904-1908-

Bowen & Carpenter  -Kilburn, Middlesex  -1865-1866-

Bowker & Son  –  Nantwich   (not found)

Bown, H (senior?) – London S E   -1877-1908-   various addresses in area

Bown, H(junior) – London, New Kent Rd, London  -1891-1901-

Bowness, M – Ambleside, Westmoreland   -1873-1894-

Boxell, Thos. – 44 Victoria Road, Scarborough, Yorks   -1890-

Boxell, Thos – Scarborough, Yorks. -1893-

Boyes, Frederick J – Derby       -1888- 1912-

Photographers Ad- Av

Photographers C – D

23 thoughts on “Ba – Bo

  1. Beach Brothers : regarding the comment of 17 April 2017, the brothers in Chard and Crewkerne (Somerset), and Seaton (Devon), were Herbert Henry Beach (1870-1941) and Sidney George Beach (1867-1939). In 1901, Sidney was lodging in Chard, and Herbert in Crewkerne, and then in 1904 Herbert married Benedicta (or Beatrice) Munford, the daughter of his landlord. They had left their studio in High Street, Chard by April 1904, both brothers presumably moving back to London

  2. Hi I have a photograph of a soldier who is surely a relative from our family by walter baker and co, toll st, Derby rd, Nottingham. Photo number on bk 96478. I’m at a loss what date this is from poss around 1900. Are there any records recorded anywhere which could point me in the right direction. Help please



  3. I just came across your question about the Beach Brothers in Chard and one of them was my grandfather Herbert Henry Beach – I’m not sure which of his other brothers had the studio with him. Their father and mother also had a photographers studio in Chelsea – they were Ann Elizabeth Beach and Charles Edward Beach at 107 Fulham Road in 1891

  4. I have two photographs of my great great grandmother and grandfather taken by Boxell photographer of Scarborough, around 1880-1890. Any info on this photographer would be appreciated. Many thanks. Susan

  5. I have a photo of my g.grandparents by F & G Beales of Boston. Not sure when it was taken but about 1895 possibly, maybe for Silver Wedding. Do you know when they were working together as you have F Beales, Boston and G. Beales in Sleaford

  6. and also there are several photographers not mentioned in the list which i have which are Lionel Bartram, Stan Bignall, J B Hunt and Nainbys of you have any info on these people please.thanks

  7. and also there are several photographers not mentioned in the list which i have which are Lionel Bartram, Stam Bignall, J B Hunt and Nainbys of you have any info on these people please.thanks

  8. hi i have some 60 photos from the lincolnshire area which have been kept in a leather photo album and are allegedly of the coupland family from skendleby and new chesterton.the photos are mostly exhibition mounted .is there a way of identifying them at all from the photographer at all.


  9. I have just found your blog and am very excited as it is going to help me enormously. I went on to ‘B’ as Edward G Brewis is the first photo in one of my two Victorian family albums and lo and behold a pic comes up and it’s your favourite. I have one and the same and I agree it is very nice indeed. Now all I have to do is identify the chap in it!
    Many thanks,
    Ashley Luke

  10. Valentine Blanchard was a renown photographer of the late 1800s. Type ‘Valentine Blanchard photographer’ into Google Images and there are hundreds of photographs of his, depicting Victorian life.

    1. Colin, I’m sure the info on Valentine Blanchard will be of interest to many people. Many thanks for sharing

  11. With reference to a query from “BARRY” regarding the bane BOESINGER from Wellington – I believe it is one of my paternal ancestors from Wellington in The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India. A number of my Grand Uncles were photographers (including my Great great Grandfather who went to India from Germany). I hope this is useful. Regards, Len Boesinger

  12. Hi I have an old family photo of three women and a baby taken by F.Beales in Boston Lincolnshire.I just wondered if you could tell me anything about the photographer at all?Thanks.

  13. I have an old family photograph taken by Byrne and Co, Richmond, Surrey. It has a re-order number 41090a and I was wondering if there was any way to identify the young lady in the picture (reading a book). It looks like approximately 1880 by the dress style. Do the photographers records still exist since he seems to have been a “by appointment” or equivalent photographer.
    Many thanks

  14. A most informative site and a great resource.
    I have a couple of cabinet cards by a photographer called Boesinger from Wellington. There are a number of Wellington’s in the UK and I have searched related sites with no success, can you help?
    I’m in New Zealand, and there is a Wellington here, but there is no Boesinger listed.

    1. Barry,
      I’ve looked at as many sites as I can think of but Mr Boesinger remains elusive. However, if any of his work should happen my way, I will be pleased to contact you again. It’s so frustrating, isn’t it, when that morsel of information remains hidden away.

  15. Does any one know anything about the photographer Henry Brooks of Abingdon. He was my great grandfather. Any information gratefully received, thank you.

    1. Hi there,

      Henry Brooks, photographer, of Abingdon, Berkshire, was at his High Street studio from at least 1869 to at least 1877 (according to the trade directories from those years). There was no entry for him in the 1887 trade directory for Berkshire. Hope this is of some help to you.

    2. I am very interested in Henry Brooks the photographer. If I am right he was also a Portrait Artist. Do you know anything about this side of his work? He was living on Canvey Island in his latter years and as the editor of our archive site I am anxious to find out more about him.

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