Scottish Photographers – 19th century

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Slater’s Directory of Scottish Counties, 1893, was useful in supplying dates for many of my Scottish collection

Alexander Brothers – 88 Renfield Street, corner of Bath Street, Glasgow  -1866-1897-

Ayton, Alex’r – 43  Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh & Londonderry    -1891-1900-

Bourke, Thomas – 17 King St., Perth   -1868/69-1878- (Bourke & Kyd -1872-)

Bowman, James – 65, Jamaica Street, Glasgow   -1855-1886-

Burns, Archibald – Edinburgh  -1870 -1874-

Carr, J – Montrose  -1871-1901-

Carruthers, Chas. & Son (photographers, watchmakers, jewellers etc) – Langholm , Dunfermline

Clapperton, J & R – Meadow Cottage, Selkirk   -1881-

Cook & Co, Fife Photographic Co. – Kirkgate, Fife   -1890/91-

Cramb Brothers, West Nile st., Glasgow  -1862-

Cranstoun, James – 3 Athole St, Perth

Crowe & Rodgers – 57 Murray Place, Stirling  -1893-

Davis, Ovinius – 52 West Nile St.     -1870-1893-

Dinnie, A(lex) – 3 Langstane Place, Aberdeen   -1870 – 1887-

Diston, A(dam) – Leven, Fife  -1893-

Donald, A(lexander) – Wellington Street, Dundee  -1893-

Downie, A(rchibald)  – Studio, 145 Market St., St. Andrews    established 1852-1893-

Dunn, W L – 207 King Street, Aberdeen  -1887-1893-

Eaton, G – Forfar  (date unknown)

Edwards, Andrew R – Tower Street, Selkirk   -1881-1893-

Fraser and Anderson – 87 High St. Perth    -1868/69- (Fraser, without Anderson, at same address in 1878)

Geering, E – 10 Union Place, Aberdeen  -1893-

Gibb, James – top of Prince’s Street, Dundee   -1881-

Gibson, G(eorge) W – Dalkeith etc  -1880s-1893-

Gilfillan, T – 98 Trongate & 4 Bellgrove Street, Glasgow   -1881-1908-

Grant, Alex – entrance next the Post Office & at the Corn Exchange, Kirkcaldy

Handu, Hardie & Federwitz – Dunfermline & Kirkcaldy  (Handu & Hardy appear in Slater’s directory of 1893 in Kirkcaldy)

Henderson, John – Albert Place, Perth   -1868-69-1878-

Hood,R.G.D. – Grangemouth (More info on Grangemouth photographers on Facebook – look for ‘Old Grangemouth in Pictures’)

Horsburgh, J – 131 Princes Street, West End, Edinburgh    -1893-

Ireland, James – 32 Sth Methven St, Perth   -1868/69-1878-

Jackson, Magnus – Marshall Place, Perth   -1868/69-1878-

Johnston, A – Bridge Street, Wick

Lawson, G R – 102 South Bridge, Edinburgh   -1874-1901-

Low – 130 Princes Street, Edinburgh

Lowden, W  –   Elizabeth St., Maxwelltown, Dundee     -1881-1893-

Macnab – Glasgow & Uddington   -1856-1893-

McGregor, A – Kilmarnock Photographic Gallery, 46 King Street, Kilmarnock  -1893-

McIntyre – Tweedmouth, Berwick

Macintyre, Alex – Bonnar St, Fife   -1890/91-1897/98-

Mackie, W G – North Station Road, Fife  -1897/98-

Menzies, Duncan – Galashiels Studio, Abbotsford Road, Galashiels   -1881-

Morrison, Robert – Nethergate, Dundee

Muir, J – Palace Street, Kirkwall

Munro, J K – East Port St, Fife  -1890/91- 1897-98-

Nicol, Alex’r – Lauriston Place, Edinburgh     -1870-1898-

Nimmo, P & Son – 39 & 44 South Bridge, Edinburgh   -1864-1893-

Norval, James – Station Rd, Fife  -1890/91- & at 123 New Row, Fife -1897/98-

Paterson, H & Co – 346 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

Patrick, John – Kirkcaldy

Patrick, P F – East Dock Street, near the east Station

Penny, George – Duke St., Huntly (Aberdeen)   -1881-

Porter, James – County Place, Perth -1868/69-1878- and also George St. Perth by 1878

Prophet, Messrs – 59 Wellgate, Dundee (2 cdvs – one describes him as a carver, gilder & photographic artist, the other as a portrait & landscape photographer)

Ralston & Sons – 141 Sauchiehall Street etc, Glasgow    -1870-1893-

Reevie, Wm – Ballater

Renny, W N – 52 High Street, Arbroath

Rogers, Arch’d – High Street, Lanark

Scottish Photographic Instutute – 110 High Street, Kirkcaldy & Burntisland

Shivas, J – 65 Queen Street, Peterhead  -1881-   photographic artist, employing 2 men & 3 girls

Simpson, D Cumming – 15 Kirkgate, Fife  -1897/98-

Spence, Charles – Lerwick, Shetland   -1881-

Steele, A W – 45 Bernard Street, Leith

Sweet & Kinloch – Rothesay, Isle of Bute     -1890-

Tait, John – Caledonia Rd, Perth   -1878-

Thomson, Hugh – 21 Marshall Place, Perth  -1868/69-1878

Thomson, R(obert) K(emp) – 54 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh   -1888-1898-

Toddie, W – Dunfermline

Towert, Wm. – 31 St. Patrick Square, Edinburgh   -1870- 1893-

Turnbull & Sons – 10 Jamaica Street, Glasgow  etc.    -1870-1893-

Valentine, James & Sons – 152 & 154 Perth Road, Dundee      -1895-

Whyte, D – 52 Church Street, Inverness

Wilson, G W & Co – 24 Crown St. Aberdeen   1864-1887-

Wood & Co (formerly Lowe) – 72 Prince’s Street, Edinburgh  -1882-1903-

Yerbury, E R – 3 Sth. Hanover St. Edinburgh   1870-1893-

Young, John C – 30 George St, Perth  -1868/69-1872-

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16 thoughts on “Scottish Photographers – 19th century

  1. I have a cabinet photo made by Messrs Low, of 50 Princes Street, no date I’m afraid. Would you like a scan of the back for your wonderful collection?

  2. I just wanted to point out to “Tokens of Companionship” that “Rothesay, N.B.” stands for Rothesay, North Britain. Using N.B. for North Britain rather than Scotland in an address was commonplace at that period. Bute is far too small an island to be dividing itself up into North and South, I think! Furthermore, Rothesay is really the only town AND bang slap in the middle anyway. I bet that was a studio very popular among all the many summer visitors to Rothesay, lots of them on day trips from Glasgow, in Victorian times.

    1. Hi Heather, I finally understood after finding a cabinet card by J.W. Henry of “Forres, N.B.” I then found references to North Britain, which I hadn’t found in connection with Rothesay, but it makes sense. Cheers from Vermont, Brad Purinton

  3. I have a photo taken by J & R Clapperton, Selkirk. Can you tell us anything about this photographer? We have no idea who the people are, though would like to try to identify them.

    1. The Robert D Clapperton Photographic Trust is now gone. I beleive a lot of the stock went to the Hertitage Hub in Hawick where it can be viewed. Clappertons took 1000s of photos, so unless they have some sort of context, ie people in cricket wear, rugby shirts etc, it will be pretty hard to identify individuals. Its possible to get a better idea of the date of the photo from the design on the Clappertons logo on the card…

  4. I have a cabinet card portrait taken in 1890 by Sweet & Kinloch in “Rothesay, N.B.” I had assumed the location was Rothesay, New Brunswick, near Saint John. But no, that would be too obvious! N.B. apparently stood for North Bute, on the Isle of Bute.

  5. I have just purchased a pair of ambrotypes ina leather covered case. behind ech picture there is a paper with the name; Henry Smith – photographer – 102 South Bridge, Edinburgh, do you have any info regarding this photographer and when he was in business.

  6. I have a photo taken by James Whyte, 37 Jamaica St, Glasgow which looks Victorian. Wondered if you had any info on the photographer?

    Thanks đŸ™‚

    1. Clare,
      some time ago you asked if I had any information on James Whyte, photographer, of Glasgow. I have recently garnered the following – that he was born in Glasgow around 1848 and was working as a photographer between at least 1891 and 1901. He was married and had a rather large family, some of whom were still living at home in their late twenties.

  7. I have some George Penny (Huntly) photographs (one of which needs an identity of sitter; also some Rae & Son (cannot identify sitters, but have some clues of who they may be) and one from a Charles Treasurer of Inlgis Street, Inverness (know the istters but woudl like to know more about the photographer.

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