Lives from Family Albums

I’ve created a new blog using named photographs from my collection. Each photo has a brief life of the sitter attached, so if you’re into all things Victorian, why not take a look

Lives from Family Albums

5 thoughts on “Lives from Family Albums

  1. I’m finding your site very interesting and helpful as I attempt to date a collection of Victorian photographs and date them: thank you! I wondered if you could direct me to sources of information on studio furnishing. Some sites I’ve found state, quite categorically, that, for example, tassels on furniture did not appear until late in the century; likewise carpet/rugs or other elaborate coverings for tables and desks could not possibly have appeared on a photograph taken in the 1860s. I can’t help feeling that such date boundaries may be too rigid. I’d be grateful for any thoughts you may have on this, and am happy to provide more information if you think that might be helpful.

  2. My 3x great Grandmother sat for W.Toddie ,
    But I have been unsuccessful at finding any information on your site for him. Another relative thinks that my 3 great Grandfather may have sat for him too.

  3. Hi I love your site. I am researching my family history and have a photo taken by Lauder Bros at their 32 Westmorland address. I am trying to work out when it was taken etc. Can you give me any help?. Do you have an archive of photos?

    1. Hi Kerrie, pleased to hear that you like the site. It was set up based on my own collection of some thousands of 19th century images re photographers, dates of operation, place etc.
      I can only say that Lauders were at the 32 Westmoreland Street address from about 1872 – 1900, based on information in various trade directories and details from the backs of the few photos I have by them. If the photo you mentioned is of a lady it would be easier to give an approximate date, based on clothing details, hairstyle etc, than if the subject was male.
      If you could send me a copy of the photo, it might help to date it.

      Thanks for getting in touch
      Christine, World of Victorian Photography

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