Named Sitters, Part 2

Mrs ChallenMore named Sitters

ALLUM, M. of Flatbridge – by Frederick Ellis, Meeting House lane, Lancaster

Count of CAVOUR (instrumental in the re-unification of Italy)

Mrs CHALLEN (at the left – looking resplendent in her crinoline) – photographed by James Mudd of Manchester

DAVIES, Annie , Dolgelly – by the London Stereoscopic ,

M. A. DUTTON (once M. A. EDIS) – by Farren of Cambridge

ELLIS, Mrs & Mrs, Wintworth Street, Peterborough, taken 1868, by John Jamblin, Oxford

FARQUHAR, G. Hy. , 6th Oct 1865, by Jul. Guggenheim, 56 High Street, Oxford

With FRANCES’ love to SISSIE, Oct 20 1883 – Geo. Oliver, Cold Bath Road, Harrogate, Yorks

FREAN, Eleanor  1882 – W.E. Debenham, 158 Regent Street, London

Mr HARRISON – taken by Wm. Pearson, 17 St Peter’s Churchyard, Derby

HARVEY, Charles ‘Taken on the 12th Jany 1890’ by Wm Taylor, Derby

(Mrs HILTON) with Mrs HUNTER’S love  4th June 1875 – by J. Mackintosh, 2 Prospect Terrace, Upper Holloway Road, N.

RODICK, Eddie & Agnes, Florrie & Ada  taken by Chas. Partoon, Liverpool

JANDSFIELD (or possibly  JACKSFIELD), Mary Jane -Portrait taken 1868 by Aubrey Paul, 1 Thames Place, Putney

Mrs MINCHIN, March 23rd 1877 – by S. Tweedale of Chester-le-Street

OLDHAM, G. A. – from the studio of Oldham & Angle, Colchester

PATTERSON, Mrs & Janet (Patterson) – by J. Barra, Manchester

ROBINSON (&) SHARPE – by S. Beverley, Blackpool

RINDER, Florence E. taken ‘Jan 1884’  by F Treble, Norwich

Mrs Tom TUCKER, Scotland farm – by F. H. Dufty, Broad Street, Bath

Faithfully yours, George T TWIGGER (taken 20 September 1884) by Walter Clayton, Magnet Studio, 4 London Road, Leicesterk`

WHALEY, Wm. James  – a portrait by J. Milner & Son, Ilkley, nr Leeds

Auntie Lock

2 Responses to Named Sitters, Part 2

  1. Valerie Tillman says:

    I have two cards that look very much like the one pictured above. The size is 2.5×4 inches and the writings on the back are:1. Photographic Institute Lauder Brothers 32 Westmoreland St. Dublin, and 2. C. Ferranti Photographic and Art Studio Havelock Buildings. Bold Street. Liverpool. These are originals and I am wondering how I can find the value of these cards. I need to find out more about these kinds of cards, what they are called and where I can possibly market them. Thank you for your assistance.


    • qvictoria says:

      The cartes you mention would presumably be only worth about £1 or £2 (English pounds), unless they were photos of some well-known person or celebrity. They are known as carte de visite photographs, from the French for ‘visiting cards’. If the photographs are very good, they may fetch more. Have you thought of E-Bay?

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