Named Sitters, Part 2

Mrs ChallenMore named Sitters

ALLUM, M. of Flatbridge – by Frederick Ellis, Meeting House lane, Lancaster

Count of CAVOUR (instrumental in the re-unification of Italy)

Mrs CHALLEN (at the left – looking resplendent in her crinoline) – photographed by James Mudd of Manchester

DAVIES, Annie , Dolgelly – by the London Stereoscopic ,

M. A. DUTTON (once M. A. EDIS) – by Farren of Cambridge

ELLIS, Mrs & Mrs, Wintworth Street, Peterborough, taken 1868, by John Jamblin, Oxford

FARQUHAR, G. Hy. , 6th Oct 1865, by Jul. Guggenheim, 56 High Street, Oxford

With FRANCES’ love to SISSIE, Oct 20 1883 – Geo. Oliver, Cold Bath Road, Harrogate, Yorks

FREAN, Eleanor  1882 – W.E. Debenham, 158 Regent Street, London

Mr HARRISON – taken by Wm. Pearson, 17 St Peter’s Churchyard, Derby

HARVEY, Charles ‘Taken on the 12th Jany 1890’ by Wm Taylor, Derby

(Mrs HILTON) with Mrs HUNTER’S love  4th June 1875 – by J. Mackintosh, 2 Prospect Terrace, Upper Holloway Road, N.

RODICK, Eddie & Agnes, Florrie & Ada  taken by Chas. Partoon, Liverpool

JANDSFIELD (or possibly  JACKSFIELD), Mary Jane -Portrait taken 1868 by Aubrey Paul, 1 Thames Place, Putney

Mrs MINCHIN, March 23rd 1877 – by S. Tweedale of Chester-le-Street

OLDHAM, G. A. – from the studio of Oldham & Angle, Colchester

PATTERSON, Mrs & Janet (Patterson) – by J. Barra, Manchester

ROBINSON (&) SHARPE – by S. Beverley, Blackpool

RINDER, Florence E. taken ‘Jan 1884’  by F Treble, Norwich

Mrs Tom TUCKER, Scotland farm – by F. H. Dufty, Broad Street, Bath

Faithfully yours, George T TWIGGER (taken 20 September 1884) by Walter Clayton, Magnet Studio, 4 London Road, Leicesterk`

WHALEY, Wm. James  – a portrait by J. Milner & Son, Ilkley, nr Leeds

Auntie Lock

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