Named Sitters, Parts 1 and 2

This is a list of names culled from the reverse of photographs in my collection. In most cases I have also given the photographer’s name and the town in which his or her studio operated.

From time to time, new arrivals may be added to this list, so keep checking.

Ada (surname not recorded)

Another Ada (surname not recorded)

ALLEN, M – Booty, Oxford

Aunt ANSTEY – by Mr Joseph Byrne of Margate

Aunt ANSTEY – by E Flukes, Bath

K. M. ANSTEY – by E Thomas, Chippenham

Mary ANSTEY – by Turner & Everitt, Islington

Mary ANSTEY – by Jospeh Byrne, Margate

Two little ANSTEYs

John ARNOLD, Ryde, Isle of Wight – by Mr Jabez Hughes

Polly ARNOLD, West Meor – by A. Wyatt, Fareham

R. A. BENNETT(S), Spring Grove House, Loxley, Sheffield – by W R Miller, Great Yarmouth

Rev’d. BICKNELL – by Thos. Barnes &  Sons, London E.

Alfred John BLACKMAN, born September 25, 1875 – by C Hawkins, London

Ellen BROOKS – by Williams & C0, Holloway

Mrs BROWN – by C.J. Hopkins, Epsom

MRS CHALLEN – by James Mudd, Manchester   (Mrs Sarah CHALLEN (nee EARWAKER)  was born 1824 at West Meon, Hampshire. In 1845 she married Mr Richard Jones CHALLEN, who had been a cotton worker at one of the mills in Manchester and  was living in Chorlton on Medlock in 1841. Ten years later they had moved to London, and were living in Lambeth. Richard was an agent for a firm of Calico Printers.  Sarah’s brother, Robert EARWAKER was living with them.

By 1861, Richard and Sarah had settled at an address in Green Walk, Bowdon, Altrincham, and James MUDD (the photographer) was living close by in Rose Hill, Bowdon. A further ten years on, and the CHALLENs had moved back to West Meon, Hampshire. The 1881 census records the retired Richard Jones CHALLEN and Sarah living at Worcester Road, Sutton, Surrey. Richard died on 1stJuly 1885 and Sarah lived a further 12 years, dying at around the age of 73. As far as I can determine, there were no children.

MARRIANNE CLAYPOLE  photographed 20th July 1873 by W Godson of Liverpool. Marianne was the wife of Henry Krebs Claypole, the couple being married in 1854 in the Registration District of Melton Mowbray , Leicestershire. By 1861, they were living in Bebington, Tranmere and had two sons, Henry aged five and John Robert, aged 11 months. In 1871 the family was living at 51 Mersey Road, Tranmere and Henry, snr, was described as a West Indies merchant, not surprising considering he lived near the great port of Liverpool.

Sadly, Henry, jnr. appears to have died at a young age and in 1886 Henry snr. also passed away. IN his will he left in excess of £1000 to his widow as sole bebficiary.  John Robert went on to follow in his father’s footsteps and became a merchant too. He married Caroline and by 1891 had moved to Chiswick, near London. His widowed mother, Marianne, was now part of his household and living on her own means

JOHN CRAIG -by R Totherick, Berwick. (The whole inscription reads – ‘To Harriot Augusta Gunn, from her affectionate father, John Craig, born June 7th 1796. Likeness taken June 7th 1864.’)

Annie DAVIS – by London Stereoscopic & Photographic Co.

Morley, DUNSHON, taken by J Done & Co, Portman Square, London W.

Robert FISHER – by Henry J Brooks, Abingdon

Hannah FREAN 1879 – by Elliott and Fry, Baker St, London. (Hannah was a member of the family that founded the  Peak Frean biscuit company- see lives from family albums.)


FRANK SCOTT HAYDON, 1884 – by G Churchill, Eastbourne. Frank was born on December 12th 1822 in London and was the son of the noted Victorian painter, Benjamin Haydon. and his wife Mary. Frank was not baptised until he was 7 years old, on 13th July 1829 at the Church of saint James, Paddington. At som point before 1887, Frank Scott Haydon worked at the Public Record Office in Chancery Lane. He maried Mary Middleton and had two children. One, a boy, did not survive infanthood. The second child was a daughter, Ellen Mary Haydon. Frank Scott Haydon died 1887. (P S – his father, Benjamin, committed suicide in 1846.)

Patty HARRIS  (nee HOCKING ) – by J Grey, Stonehouse, Devon

Charles HARVEY – taken 12 Jan 1890, by Wm Taylor, Derby  (In memory of Easter Monday, April 7 1890?)

Marie HODGSON 1872 – by T & J Holroyd, Harrogate

Mary HOLDSWORTH – by Henry Death, 119 Camberwell Rd

Mrs HOOK – by Fradelle, Regent St, London

Sarah HOOPER, housemaid, Cotton Denham – by W. Chaffin & Sons, Sherborne

Captain HOSEASON – by Mr Henry Mullins, Jersey


M. JACKSON – by E. A. Carnel, New Radford, Nottingham

Alex F. JONES, London – by Netterville Briggs

Mr and Mrs JONES – by C. Biskeborn, Chatham

Walter LAWSON (an old sweetheart) – by Taney & Co, Norwich

Mrs LING – by William Lacey, London (see Miss Travers)

Auntie LOCK – by William Hall, Brighton

Mrs LUCAS (?) – by Morgan & Laing, Greenwich

Tom MARLOW (worked for G.P.O.), – by Macfarlane & Harris, Dalston

May (surname not recorded)

C. A. J. NIBBS, Sept 1895 – by W C Harvey, Gosport

Nora (no surname ) – by A Seaman & Sons, Chesterfield etc

Mrs PHILLIPS (?), 4 Wellington St, S’ford – by Levy Bros, Bristol

Eleanor PINNOCK, 9 months, June ’78 – by Thos. B. Howe, Newbury

Mr QUICK – Thomas Taylor, Soho Studio, Oxford St, London (next door to the Soho Bazaar)

Mrs SHAW – by J.Lowe, Loughborough

C. SHEAF – Newport, Monmouth, 3rd May 1890

A.M. TRAVERS – by A. Simmons, London S.E.

Miss TRAVERS , after Mrs LING – by Wm Lacey, London

Priscilla THOMPSON (Mrs A Thompson) – by A Maddison, Huntingdon

Miss TRAVERS (see Mrs LING)


ALEXANDER DUGAN UGLAND, aged 13 and half months – by L.R. Goodman, Margate.

The UGLAND family were found on the 1881 census, living in Charlton, near Woolwich in Kent, at 19 Church Lane.  Alexander’s mother Martha was English,  but his father was Norwegian-born. It is not known when Ketil Ugland came to England although why he came might be more easily answered.

Mr Ugland was involved in shipping, presumably importing or exporting  goods between England and Scandinavia. He had married Martha Dugan in  Lambeth  in 1875,  Alexander was born some five years later. They were a fairly affluent family, with two young female servants, Mary Murphy and Emily Scatcher. Ketil’s nineteen year old cousin Hans, who worked as a clerk, completed the little household.

 On checking the 1891 census, I found that the family were still living in Charlton, this time with two sons, Alexander and his brother, Nils,  born in 1882. However, in 1897 tragedy struck when Ketil Ugland died at the age of fifty; soon after, Alexander also vanished from the records. The child in the photograph was now a young man and with his father gone, Alexander set out to seek his fortune. But that is a story for another day.

Mrs WATTS -photographed by Wm. Heath of Plymouth

Jane WEBB – by Hall’s of Brighton


Herbert WHEELER, 4 Providence Place, Charlton Kings, nr Cheltenham – by J Joyner, Cheltenham

Rev. G C WHITE or Rev F H WILKINSON- by G Wallis, Whitby (There are two names on the reverse of this photo)

Mrs WHITEHOUSE – by Lambert Weston & Son, Dover/Folkestone

Mrs WISE ?

Alfred WISE

Mr F WISE (?) – by Sutch Brothers, London

Frank WISE


Grandmother WILKINSON


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