Miscellaneous Listings I – P

This page lists photographers who may not be in my own collection of cartes de visite, or those that are in the main listings at a different location.

Inskip, John (cousin of George Inskip?) – Scarborough   -1890-

Jackson & Co, Royal Studio – Southsea, Hants,  -1875- (mentioned in Hampshire Telegraph, Jan 2, 1875)

Jones, Thomas – Ludlow, Salop -1868-

Kevis, Walter – Petworth, West Sussex     -1880-1908-

Kingham, Emily Kate – 7  Cauldwell St, Bedford     -1880, 1898-1903-

Kingham, H. James  – 15 Wellington St, Bedford     -1877-1885-

Knight, F W – Plymouth, Devon   -1902-

Latchmore, B – Hitchin, Herts   -1866-

Lavis, W Clement – 32 Balls Rd, Claughton, Birkenhead

Lawrence, William – Dublin    -1883-

Maddison, A – Godmanchester, Hunts    -1877-

Mann & Adcock of Norwich  (date unknown)

Maynard, George  of Cambridge,  -1875-1896- at Chesterton Road & -1881-1895- at Victoria Road

Merrett, John H – Wotton under Edge, Glos. -1868-

Moseley, William Henry – Neath, Sth Wales  -1868-

 Nainby, Edwin – Alford, Lincs.    -1882-1896- (by 1900 he had studios at Alford, Spilsby and Sutton on Sea, all in Lincolnshire)

Nash, J – Great Berkhampstead, Herts   -1866-

Nield, Allen – Manchester  -1895-1900-

Noble, Edwin – 233 Freeman St, Gt. Grimsby, Lincs

Norman, Charles – St Ives, Hunts  -1877-

Overton, Samuel – Sleaford, Lincs  -1900-1913-

Oxley, W H of Batley – date unknown

Penley, William D – Wotton under Edge, Glos.  -1868-

Phillips, Miles & co – Clifton & Bristol

Pickney, J J  -St Ives, Hunts   -1869-

Polsky Brothers – 136 Whitechapel Road East, London  -1903-1908-  Hyman and Benjamin Polsky were born in Russia in 1873 and 1876 respectively and were already working as photographers by 1901, according to the 1901 census. Their sister Nancy, born 1885 also in Russia, was working as a milliner in 1901.

Priestley, Samuel Stansfield – Huddersfield    -c1863-c1872-

One thought on “Miscellaneous Listings I – P

  1. Dear sirs,
    I was hoping you could help me. I have inherited two large heavy wooden frames (23″x21″) which have coloured photos/paintings of a Victorian/Edwardian family. On the back is a label stating they were taken by Denis R.Thompson of Sheffield.
    Could you tell anything further about them or whether they are collectors pieces?
    Thank you.

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