Miscellaneous Listings A – H

This page lists photographers who may not be in my own collection of cartes de visite, or those that are in the main listings at a different location.

Ace, William & Son, Llanelly, Sth Wales  -1868-

Alderman, T – Tring, Herts   -1866-

Avery, G – Hitchin, Herts  -1866-

Baldwin, J – Tring, Herts  -1866-

Ball, E(dward) S. – Regent Street, Cambridge   -1901 -1916-

Barat, G. & Hall H. N. – Westbourne Grove, London?    –prior to 1875, (when partnership was dissolved as noted in Morning Post newspaper 23 Jan 1875)

Bartram, Lionel – Lincolnshire?

Beach Brothers – Chard – one of the brothers was Herbert Henry Beach, whose parents Charles and Ann had a studio in the Fulham Road, Chelsea -1891- my thanks to Rita for this info.

Berlinger, J & Son – Helston, Cornwall  -1875-  Liverpool Mercury March 1875

Berry, W L  – Gomersal, near Leeds – date unknown

Bieler, Emil  – Huddersfield – date unknown

Bignall, S. – Lincolnshire?

Bishop,Henry – Whitchurch, Salop  -1868-

Blanchard, Valentine – Cambridgeshire  died 1901

Bond, W. of Norwich area  -1875-1900-

Booth, Abraham – Ripley/Belper   -1881-1888-

Brown, Richard – Liverpool    – date not known

Bury, James – Manchester   -1875- photographers, carvers and guiders



Chaffin, Thomas Hayward – born 1849, son of John Cox Chaffin, Taunton & Yeovil

Chaffin, John- born 1856, son of John Cox Chaffin, Taunton & Yeovil

Chaffin, Lionel – born 1864, son of John Cox Chaffin, Taunton & Yeovil

Chaffin, William Matthew, Senior, born 1831, cousin of John Cox Chaffin

Chaffin, William Matthew, Junior, born 1861, son of Wm Matthew Chaffin, Senior

Chaffin, John Trevor, died 1916, and Chaffin, Arthur Reginald, born 1894, grandsons of Wm Matthew Chaffin, Senior


‘Charles’ of Birmingham – date unknown

Collier, Gwyn – Brompton Road, London SW -1873- Gwyn Collier’s full name was Charles William Gwyn Collier (sometimes spelt Colliere) and he worked from at least 8 addresses in S W London between -1861 – 1885-

Combes 32 Preston Street , Brighton  – date unknown

Cooper, Geo.  – Hull  – date unknown

Crosse, Josiah – Whitchurch, Salop  -1868-

Culverhouse, Alfred Elias – known to be active between 1884 & 1891, in Leatherhead and elsewhere. My thanks to Judith for this info.

Danz, Hugo  of Berlin – date unknown

Davidson & Son of Lanark, Scotland – no date as yet

Davies, Wm – Ripley   -1888-1899-

Ellis and Burville, London

Emberson and Sons, 6 Wilton Rd. Belgravia and Chertsey SW Surrey.

Evans, J – Liverpool   pre 1875  (his business as hairdresser, tobacconist and photographer closed down in March 1875, when all his stock, furnishings and effects were auctioned off)

Forscutt, C – Old Cross, Hertford  -1866-

Fowl(e)s, John – Whitchurch, Salop  -1868-

Gavin & Banger, Norwich   -1888-

Garrod, J C – Hertford  -1866-

Glanville, Geo. of Tunbridge Wells

Goldman, Jean – Neath, Sth Wales   -1868-

A Gosney.  Sherbourne, Yoevil, Dorchester and Crewkerne

Grainger, A(bner) – Heanor, Derbys.   -1895-1899-

Green, Arthur – Stockport   -1902-

Green, Richard Vallance – Coventry  -1860s -1904- He was a brother to Adam Vallance Green of Atherstone (see main listings) My thanks to Julia for this info.

Greenbank, Richard – Sedbergh, Yks  -1891-

Griffiths, James R – Brecon, Wales   -1868-

Grubb, Eugenie – Stockport    -1881-1901-

Hall, H.N. – Westbourne Grove   pre 1875 (see G Barat)

Harper, John – Ludlow, Salop   -1868-

Harrison, William – Leeds, Yorks  -1897-

Henderson – King William St. London Bridge and at Amersham Rd. New Cross

Hind, T & R -Middlesbrough, Durham -1875- (mentioned in the Northern Echo, Jan 2, 1875)

Holden, Nathaniel (brother of George Holden?) – Arthur Street, Sheffield, Yorks  -1868-

Howie, D of  85 St Giles Street, Norwich,  late Adcock & Mann, overstamped Gavin & Banger  (date unknown)

Hughes, Robert – successor to B R Leech at 28 Roe St., Macclesfield, c1905. By 1910, Joseph Albinson was at this studio.

B J Hunt –  10 Oxford Road, Windsor   -1900-?

J B Hunt – Lincolnshire?

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