Making the Most of this Blog

Making the most of this Blog

Almost all the photographers listed on this blog are from my own collection. This means that if you find a photographer who is of interest to you, I can scan in his or her trade card for you to see. Or you may be more interested in the images that the photographers produced, if so, they also can be scanned in for you to see

The exceptions are those mentioned in ‘Miscellaneous jottings’, which are based on information passed on by followers of the blog.

A selection of photographers trade cards is already available to view. Just follow the links from ‘About this Blog & photographer’s trade cards’.

A gallery of  ‘named sitters’ is also included. These are quite rare as very few 19th century photos carried the name of the subject. Again, the link is found at the head of this page.

There is a wealth of info. on the site, both factual and visual, so go ahead, CLICK THE LINKS above and see what you can discover. If all else fails, I can also access trade directories for most of England and Wales to establish a timeline of when specific photographers and their studios were in business.