Irish Photographers – 19th century

The Irish photographers mentioned below  are those contained in my own collection. There are still some gaps in the record but if  your ancestor was a photographer in Dublin in the second half of the 19th century, or you have other interests in that period and want more info, please feel free to contact me.

Adolphe (Golden Palette), 9 Westmoreland Street,  Dublin  -1875-1879-  (previously at 75 Grafton Street, Dublin -1860-1865-)

Callaghan – South Mall, Cork

Edmonds & Simonton – 28 Grafton St. Dublin

Galbraith, J – Clanbrassil Street, Dundalk

Glover, M – 124 Stephen’s Green, Dublin  -1883-1900-   (-1893- at 9 Westmoreland Street

Golden Palette (Adolphe) – 9 Westmoreland Street, Dublin  -1875-1879-

Kerr, Hugh – Carlisle Road, (London) Derry

Lauder Bros – 32 Westmoreland Street, Dublin  -1872-1900-

Lauder, E & J – 22 Westmoreland Street, Dublin

Lawrence, Wm – 5/7 Sackville Street, Dublin  1883

Magill, J – Donegall Place, Belfast

Nelson & Marshall – 11 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin  -1860-1879-

North, Thomas – 71 Grafton St., Dublin  -1880s?

Robinson & Sons- Dublin

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