Any Comments ?

Feedback is always welcome, so please let us know if you liked the site or if you have any comments (hopefully positive) to make.

3 Responses to Any Comments ?

  1. Duncan Mirylees says:

    re. your entry for George West, of Godalming. Your site suggests that he was practicing at Godalming from 1891. In fact, according to the Godalming directories, he moved into his premises in Godalming High Street in 1883, at which point he was listed as a G. West and Smith, photographers and stationers. Smith disappeared shortly afterwards. I recently acquired, on behalf of the Surrey History Centre (QV), a photograph of the High Street taken in c.1883/4, in which you can see the shop, so it is more than probable that he took the photograph. No other print appears to exist of this view -so far, at least. It may well be one of the first photographs he ever took.

  2. Mike Bones says:

    Hello, I left a private message on your google mail address regarding a Joseph Albinson, Macclesfield.

  3. Bill Phelps says:

    Hello, an interesting site where the dates of the photographers business have helped me date some of my family photos. I have quite a few where the photographer is not listed by you and am happy to email scanned versions if you’d like them.

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