I – K,

Illingworth, T –  Halifax, Yorkshire  -1866-1893-

Imperial French Photographic – London  -1868-1876-

Ingham, J – Sale, near Manchester  – no dates found

Inskip, Geo – Skipton, Yorks. -1871-1893-  (In Scarboro’ 1890)

Ireland, E – Manchester, Lancashire   -1872-1900-

Iris, Henry – 10 Upper Street, Islington    -1872-1880-

Jacklett, J W – Aldershot, Hampshire   -1875-1898-

Jackson, Brothers – Jumbo Chadderton, Lancs.  -1869-

Jamblin, John  –  Oxford      -1864-1868-

James, A,  Jubilee Photographic Co – Pimlico   -1887-1890-

James, A – Louth, Lincolnshire  -1882-1900-

James, Clarence – Louth, Lincolnshire  -1885-1892-

Jaquiery, Joseph – Great Yarmouth     (J. Jaquiery traded in fancy goods from at least 1883-1894 but in 1890 the Norfolk directory has him listed as a photographer, evidently a short-lived occupation)

Jasper, G H – Stourbridge, Worcestershire   -1871-1881-.   G H Jasper was later in Kettering,-1901-1911-.

Jee, Thomas – Greenwich      -1862-1890-

Jenkins, H – Wallingford,   -1864-1869- (at Fish Street)  -1877-(at St Mary’s Street)

Jennings, Constantine – Chester, Cheshire   -1892-

Jennings, H B – Bury, Lancashire  (date unknown)

Johnson Bros – Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire  -1883-1903-

Johnson, E – Wisbech, Cambridgeshire  -1864-1892-

Jones, Charles – Hull, Yorkshire  -1900-

Jones, Daniel – Liverpool  -1869-1887-

Jones, F N, & Co – Richmond, Surrey     -1891-

Jones, J V – Yardley, nr Birmingham  (date not known)

Jones, T – Hereford & Ludlow, Shropshire   -1881-

Joyner, J – Cheltenham, Gloucestershire  -1866-1902

Jubilee Photo Co. – Pimlico

Katterns – Northampton  -1864-1894-

Kay – Bolton, Lancashire  -1895-1905-

Keene, Richard – Derby   -1874-1899-

Keens, J – Hackney, Middlesex  -1871-1878-

Keig, T – Isle of Man     -1863-1894-

Kellet & Ellis – Lancaster, Lancs.  (not found)

Kennerell, J – Wisbech, Cambridgeshire  -1883-1896-

Kent, W. – Chatham, Kent  -1867-

Kent, W H – 147 Oxford Street, London -1857-1864-

Kerby, J & Son – Ipswich, Suffolk   -1883-1896-

Kershaw, J – Buxton, Derbyshire   -1881-1888-

Kerslake, T J – Weston super Mare  -1895-1902-

Kilburn Portrait Studios – Kilburn (London) NW  (date unknown)

Kilburn, Mr – Regent Street (London)  -1852-1864-

King, Arthur – Notting Hill, Middlesex  -1875-1898-

King, J – Gainsborough, Lincolnshire  -1872-1885-

King, S(olomon) – Nottingham  -1876-1877-

King, Wm – Whitby

Kingsmill (late) – Ashford, Kent, also Tenterden, 1874, (see east Kent Studio, Canterbury, -1882-)

Kingsmill, T – Ashford, Kent  est 1852-1874-

Kipling, T(obias) – Darlington  -1881-1891-. In 1881 Tobias worked as a private tutor and photographer, by 1891, he is described simply as ‘photographer’ and by 1901 had moved to Middlesbro’. Several of his sons followed him into the world of photography.

Kirby – Peckham, Surrey  (date unknown)

Kirk, Samuel – Nottingham   – 1869-1900-

Kirkby, W H – Regent Street (London)  c1865

Kitto, Thos. – Torquay, Devon  -1881-

Knight, Charles – Ryde, Isle of Wight   -1875-1885-

Knight, Henry – St Leonard’s on Sea, Sussex   -1874-1882-

Knighton, Alfred – Kettering, Northamptonshire  -1877-1903-

Knott, S – Oldham, Lancashire  (date unknown)

Koenig, Charles – Paddington, Middlesex  -1878-1900-

Kruger, H – Huddersfield,  Yorkshire     -1881-1893-

9 thoughts on “I – K,

  1. Does anyone know the dates the J Kirby and son studio Ipswitch card type was in use? H.G Jennings used that same card also.

    1. Hello, Coleen, J Kerby & Son were in Ipswich, 26 Tacket Street, from at least 1888 to 1900, according to the series of Kelly’s Directories for Suffolk. They had disappeared from the Directories by 1916. Hope this helps – Christine World of Victorian photography

    1. Thanks for all that fascinating history on Yorkshire photographers,especially those in Filey. Anything else in the same vein would be very welcome.

  2. Hi, You’ve helped me with one photographer, but can’t find ‘Kingham, Bedford’ on the card under a photographic portrait of a female relation. Can you help me with the date?
    It may be my grandmother, who was born in 1880 and looks about 17 to 23??


    1. It seems that your ancestor’s photographer was probably Mrs Emily Kate Kingdon of 7 Cauldwell St, Bedford, active between at least 1898-1903, which fits with the dates you provided.

      There was also a H. James Kingdon in Bedford 1877-1885, at
      15, Wellington St.

      Hope this helps

    1. Jennifer,

      Well spotted. Many thanks for clarifying the Inskip photography situation. I think it was a case of me mis-reading my own notes. I will add John Inskip to my ‘Miscelaneous collection.

      Christine Hibbert

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