E – F,

Premises  of F. Futcher as sent in by his great grandson, Ian

The above photograph shows the premises of F. Futcher, photographer, of Warminster, sometime in the 1890s. It was sent in by Mr Futcher’s great-grandson, Ian, for which many thanks.

East Cliff Studio – Bournemouth, Hampshire  -1895-

East Kent Studio – Ashford, Kent -1870-  (1882 in Canterbury)

Eastham, Enos – Manchester, Lancashire  -1868-1877-

Eccles, E(dmund) – Bury, Lancashire  -1869-1905-

Eddison – Barnsley     -1889-1911-

Elkington & Son – Nuneaton, Warwickshire  -1888-

Elliff. C – Beckenham, Kent  (date unknown)

Elliott  & Fry – London W  -1865-1893-  (named sitter)  Sitter – Hannah Frean

Eliott, F – Coatham, Redcar, Yorkshire  (date unknown)

Elliott, R W – Aldershot, Hampshire  -1895-

Ellis, Fred – Lancaster  (date not known)

Elsden & Son – Mill Bridge, Hertfordshire   established 1857-1902-

Eltringham, J – Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland  (date unknown)

Elwell, Francis R – Weston Super Mare, Somerset   -1871-  (also worked photographer in Pancras, 1881 and Corsham, 1891. By 1901 was ‘living on own means’)

Emberson, Geo (sn’r) – London  -1886-1905-

Emberson, Geo (jn’r) – London  -1888-1900-

Emberson  & Sons – Chertsey, Surrey  -1891-1911-

Emett, W – Staley Bridge, Cheshire   -1865-1896-   (Mrs Emmet in 1906)

Emmens, Harry – Liverpool, Lancashire  -1865-1869-

Erewash Studio – Erewash (Derbyshire?)  (date unknown)

Eskett, W – York  -1893-1895-

Evans & Co  -Sheffield, Yorkshire  -1890s?

Evans, C – Worcester  -1896-

Evans, C H – Redditch, Worcestershire  (date unknown)

Evans, Edward J – Leominster, Herefordshire  -1876-1900-

Evans, F W – London S E  -1860-1893-

Everest, D – Tunbridge Wells, Kent  -1870-1878-

Everitt & Turner – London EC   -1862-1865-

Fairclough, P – Newcastle(on Tyne), Northumberland  -1883-1900-

Fall, J W – Ironbridge, Shropshire  -1863-  (By 1870, Mrs Rebecca Fall was running the business)  updated

Farlie, C J – Woolwich, Kent   established 1859-1878-

Farren – Cambridge  -1865-1883-   (named sitter)

Farrer, J S – Brampton etc, ?  -1894-

Faulkner, Chas. – 262 Seven Sisters Rd, Finsbury Park  -1899-1908-

Faulkner, E J – Chichester, Sussex   -1866-

Fawn, W H – Walworth Road, Surrey  -1860-1878-

Ferranti – Liverpool, Lancashire  -1869-1881-

Field, Dudley  – Belgravia, London  -1883-1889-

Fielder & Co – Chichester      -1866-1882- (& Worthing 1882)

Fincham, P – West Dulwich  -1878-1891-

Findlow, I. & Nephew – Leamington, Warwickshire  -1880-1896-

Findlow, Miss and Mr I W  – Leamington  circa 1890

Fisher, F – Grantham, Lincolnshire  -1869-1885-

Fisher, T & Co – London  -1896-1902-

Fisher, Walter – Filey, Yorkshire    established 1857- 1893-

Fletcher Brothers – Lozells, Birmingham   -1879-c1888-

Flukes, E – Bath, Somerset  -1864-1876-

Foote, W. (photographic gallery)  – Sunderland   -1873-1879-

Forrest, J – Newcastle on Tyne, Northumberland  -1873-1883-

Forshaw, W – Oxford  -1873-1903-

Fox, A E  & Co – Bradford, etc., Yorkshire   -1887-1893-

Fradelle – London  -1865-1880-

Fradelle & Marshall – London W  -1872-1881-

Frank, Geo – Gateshead, Co Durham  -1897-1902-

Frankland, J – Blackburn, Lancs  -1869-1905-

Franklin, W H – Deal, Kent  -1878-1895-

Fred – Manchester, Lancashire  -1895-1896-

Freeman, R Stanley – London W   -1872-1881-

Friston, Fred. Edwin – Great Grimsby  -1871-1876 (described as artist)-1882 (described as photographer). CDV describes him as artist & photographer. In Lincoln in 1900.

Frost, W R & Co – London  -1873-1877-

Fry Bros – Exeter, Devon  -1902-

Fry, W & A H – Brighton, Sussex  -1867-1891-

Fullerton, W(?), Passmore & Alabaster – London EC (have found no trace of this photographer)

Futcher, F – Warminster, Wiltshire  -1881-1903-, by 1911 in Salisbury

12 thoughts on “E – F,

  1. Hi Ian Futcher
    I have 3 photos of my unidentified ancestors taken at your Great Grandfather’s studios in Warminster, with reference numbers penciled in on the back. Do you by any chance have any records that might help indicate who these individuals are ?

    1. I don’t think we have any records from Warminster now sorry. It would be interesting to see the photos though.

      1. Hi Ian, thanks for your response. I am attaching the 3 photos here (I have included reference numbers that were written on the back in the title of each photo). I believe these are members of the ‘Eastment’ family and were probably taken in the 1880s or thereabouts. I understand that you don’t have any records from that period, but if you have any comments or observations I would be interested.




      2. Hello Ian
        I could attach the old photos that I mentioned (from the Warminster studios) to an email if an address is available ?

  2. Hello, I’m new. I am putting together photos and stories of my family in England. I have a photo of my grandmother from Emberson & Sons in London from 1900 taken when my grandfather left for the Boer War and one of both of them from A Simmons [?] at Westminster Bridge in Lonson. I also have photos from the Payne Jenkins studio in Tunbridge Wells. Do any of these old studios have negatives or lists by individual’s names for us to access in today’s world? Thanks

    1. Hello Susan. Although your post is a year old, hopefully you’ll still see this! Did you have any luck with tracking down the A.Simmons photography, 258 Westminster Bridge Rd? I have a photo of who I believe to be my gt grandmother, taken by these photographers. Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

    1. Ian, I have sent an e-mail with details of the example of your great-grandfather’s work. many thanks for your interest in the blog
      Christine Hibbert

  3. Imhave a picture belonging to my late wifes Great Uncle, which I think is George Parker. The sitter is dressed in the uniform of the Roay Marines. The impressed mark indicates that it was taken at the studio of W Franklin in Deal, Kent.
    I have been tracing the family history, and it is interesting to see on your blog that W H Franklin’s studio was in operation between 1878 and 1895.
    I am attepting to trace the records of the Royal Marines, in Kent, and specifically to my wifes relation.
    I hope that this may be of interest

    1. John,
      many thanks for the comment. Glad to hear that the blog provided a ‘pointer’ towards dating your Royal Marine photo. May I wish you good hunting in the search fro more details on George Parker

      Christine Hibbert (qvictoria)

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