A ‘snapper’ snapped

From the earliest days of popular photography, photographers often supplemented their income from other sources. There were photographers who were chemists, frame-makers, stationers, and in one case, a jobbing gardener. Charles Christian Page was none of these. He made his living as a commission agent (taking bets on sporting fixtures for paying customers) and sometime photographer.Continue reading “A ‘snapper’ snapped”

From Around the World

Although my collection of carte de visite photographs comprises images mainly from the British Isles, visitors from every corner of the globe drop in to the site. Many visitors are from major English-speaking countries and former colonies, like Australia, Canada and the USA, possibly seeking information about British ancestors. So far eighty four countries appear amongContinue reading “From Around the World”

Perils of the Photographic Trade

It wasn’t always easy being a photographer in 19th century Britain. As with any new technology, many jumped onto the bandwagon with hopes and dreams of a prosperous future. However, unless they were among the upper echelons of society, there were many pits into which these young hopefuls could fall. The first hurdle to overcomeContinue reading “Perils of the Photographic Trade”

Making the most of this Blog

Almost all the photographers listed on this blog are from my own collection. This means that if you find a photographer who is of interest to you, I can scan in his or her trade card for you to see. The exceptions are those mentioned in ‘Miscellaneous jottings’, which are based on information passed on by followersContinue reading “Making the most of this Blog”