Cade, R – Ipswich, Suffolk  est 1852-1885-

Caldwell, G – Nottingham      -1881-1900-

Caloe, J – Sheffield, Yorkshire  -1861-1889-  (in Eckington, near  Chesterfield, Derbys. in  1876)

Cantle  & Barnard – Bedford  -1869-

Carling, R H – South Shields ect., Co Durham  -1897-1902-

Carlton (& Sons) – Horncastle, Lincolnshire  -1868-1900-

Carnell, E A – Radford, Nottingham  -1868-1900-

Carpenter, H (enry) & Co – London E    -1886-1893

Carter, Walter – Oxford etc.  -1895-

Cartlidge, J B – Guisborough, Northants  (date unknown)

Cartwright, R – Brighton, Sussex  -1874-1899-

Casbon, Chas. – Hornsey, London N.  -1888-1892-

Caster, Geo C – Peterborough, Northampton  -1885-1890- Studio taken over by Thomas Groves, date not yet established

Catford, James S – Ilfracombe, Devon   -1881-1883-

Cathedral Studio – Peterborough, Northampton  (date unknown)

Cella, Luigi – Boston, Lincs.  -1876-1896-

Chaffin, John & Sons – Yeovil, Somerset  -1874-1895-   (John’s sons were Thomas, born 1849,  John, born 1858 & Lionel, born 1864)

Chaffin, W(illiam) M(atthew) – Sherborne, Dorset  est 1851-1881-  (William was the cousin of John Chaffin, senior. William’s son, another William, born 1861, and two grandsons, John (died 1916) and Arthur, born 1894, were also photographic artists.) Thanks for the update, Des.

Chaffin's established
Chaffin’s established

Chambers, A P – London  -1869-1883-

Chaplin, T C & J – Stratford 0n Avon, Warwickshire  -1888-1912-

Cheapside Photo Comp’y – 5, Bernard Street, Southampton, Hampshire    -1895-1902-

Charles – Birmingham, Warwickshire  -1866-1867-

Child, W – Leeds, Yorkshire  -1861-1897-

Christmas, L L – London N, nearly opposite the Alexandra Theatre   -1902-

Churchill, G – Eastbourne, Sussex  -1874-1899-  (named sitter)

Clarence Studios – Kingston on Thames, Surrey  (date unknown)

Clark, E – Retford, Nottinghamshire  -1876-

Clark, J – Matlock Bath, Derbyshire  -1876-1881-

Clarke, Archer – Stourbridge,  Worcestershire  -1870-

Clarke, E – Sheffield, Yorkshire  -1857-1863-

Clarke, J R – Thirsk, Yorkshire  -1879-1893-

Clarke, John Toulson – Stockton on Tees  -1879-1890-

Clarke, J W – Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk  -1869-1885-

Clayson, John – Nottingham    est 1851-1876-

Clayton, Messrs – Nottingham  -1862-1877-

Clayton, Walter, Leicester  -1877-1892- (see also Magnet Studio)

Clayton, Walter, Nottingham  -1881-1893-

Cleare, G Ridsdale, – 97 Lower Clapton Rd, London NE   -1894-1925-

Clegg, H – Manchester, Lancashire  -1883-1893-

Clennett, R – West Hartlepool, Co Durham  -1873-1902-

Clerke & Co. – Stamford Hill, Middlesex  -1890-1894-

Clifford, R – Bradford, Yorkshire  -1887-1893-

Cobb, William – Woolwich, Kent  -1878-1887-

Cobb, William – Ipswich, Suffolk  -1865-1869-

Cocking, H. Garrett – Lee & Peckham, Surrey  -1867-1882-  (at Queens Road, Peckham in 1867)

Coe, Albert E, (late Sawyer & Bird) – Norwich, -1888-1911- (in Heigham, Norfolk  -1871-1891-)

Colborne, A F – Canterbury, Kent  -1895-

Cole, Frederick – London  -1871-1882-

Coleman, Thomas – London  -1869-1890-

Cooke, W – Keighley, Yorkshire, West Riding  -1870-1887-

Cooper, B – Leicester     -not found-

Cooper, C – Bermondsey, Surrey  -1885-1887-

Cooper, H – Northampton  -1885-1903-

Cooper, J – Darlington, Durham   -1873-1879-

Cooper, Jas. – Northallerton (no dates found)

Copsey, A – Sudbury, Suffolk  -1865-1885-

Counsell, W H – Rishton, Lancs  -1891-

Cox, A W – Nottingham  -1862-1893-

Coyne, Stirling – Leicester      (not found in Leicester but working as photographic operator in Teignmouth in 1891)

Craggs, George – Liverpool, Lancashire  -1896-

Craggs, George – Everton   -1891-1901-(as shown in census)

Crane, Patrick – Bishop Auckland  -1890-1902-

Crockett, W M – Taunton, Somerset  -1881-1902-

Croft, J – Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire  -1866-1902-

Crosby, J – Rotherham, Yorkshire  -1879-1900-

Cross, Charles – Bow, London  -1891-1900-

Crosse, Josiah  –  Whitchurch   -1885-1891

Croydon, W – Westbourne Park, London  -1881-

Culverhouse, J W – Melksham  (not found in Melksham but is in nearby Trowbridge, 1889, at  Fore Street & 1898, at Wicker Hill, still in Trowbridge in 1903, according to directories) (Mini-Biography available)

Currey, W. – Bolton  -1869-

Curtis, J H & Co. – London  -1886-1904-

Curzon Studio – Leicester  (date unknown)

Cuthbert, Matthew – York   -1893-   (Cecil Cuthbert in York, 1895)

17 thoughts on “C,

  1. HI!
    I am looking for two women photographers – Mrs Adelaide Conroy – active in Malta 1870-1880 and Mrs. Sarah Harrison, wife of George Harrison, active in Boston, Lincolnshire in 1871 ( confirmed by census) and after that active in Malta. Could anyone maybe direct me where I could find more information about them? Thanks! Letta

  2. I have a photo of my g/g/gfather taken by Wm Cobb in Ipswich. My gggf died July 1862, so the Ipswich studio would have been in business from before that time.

  3. Hi, I’m interested in my great,great grandfather, Gwyn Collier, have you got any information about him or any of his photographs? He worked in London in the 1900’s, thanks, Rebecca

  4. I have a photograph (date unknown) for Frederick Cole with the unicorn and lion as above. The address on the back is 378 Euston Road. The date you have for Frederick Cole is 1871-1882-….Any idea of a surer date?

  5. Hi I am interested in anything on the CHAFFIN family – those from Sherborn and from Yeovil are related to each other and to me. I would greatly appreciate any trade cards or named sitters or un named sitters taken by the CHAFFIN family (especially if there are clues to identify them!).

    Regards, James WILLIAMS, Grandson of Sarah CHAFFIN.

      1. Hi
        I have a copy of a photo which I believe was taken by W.M. Chaffin Cheap st. Sherborne on the back it state established 1851. I note you say est. 1856

    1. Hi there James Williams ,I am from Australia but was over in England this time last year I was down in Dorset as my Father was born in East Orchard in 1904 and I have been doing a lot of family research I was given a little album with a lot of little photo’s in it but did not have any names on them I think it may have been some of my great grand mothers siblings their Sir name was Lawrence from Shillingstone and it does have a No 4848 on the back of the card that one is Adam Gosney from Sherborne I also have one of W M Chaffin photographer of Sherborne I would love to know who the photo’s are of if there was some way of finding out .
      Kind Regards Margaret Taylor

  6. Thanks to your photographers’ list I was able to date a portrait of a male relative taken by Walter Baker late with Alfred Cox & Co 8 Derby Road Nottingham to between 1893 and 1900.
    I have another which says Peveril Studios, 30, Pelham Stree, Nottingham. Lady wih hat and wearing a fur coat, in an oval mount.
    many thanks

  7. I’ve been going through a few old family photos taken by B. Duckmanton, in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, probably during the 1880s 1890s. Is there any way of being absolutely sure that Duckmanton’s studio only operated between 1892 and 1896? I ask the question because a couple of the photographs seem to have been made earlier than that, according to the birth dates in the family-tree database.

    Best wishes,

  8. I have a photo taken by John Collier, 66 New Street, Birmingham, England. Do you know anything about him and the years in which he operated his studio?

    1. Finola,

      I could only find one reference to John Collier, photographer, among the directories and that was in 1888. He was not to be found in 1873 or 1902, so quite a narrow window. Perhaps Birmingham library could supply more info.


      1. John Collier was my wife’s great-grandfather – he took over the Photography Business of R W Thrupp in the mid 1880s but lost a lot of money organising exhibitions of photography and paintings in the mid 1890s – in fact he was declared bankcrupt around 1898 and died in 1910.

        I have photos of him if you are interested.

        Larry Bennett

      2. Larry, yes would love to see photos of John Collier and if I may I’d like to include the details you sent, with his entry. It makes it more interesting for everybody if a few biographic details can be included.

        many Thanks – Christine Hibbert (QVictoria)

  9. Hi,

    I was doing some research on – Drewett Photographer, 47 High Street, Guildford and found your website. I have a great cdv photo of a boy with 2 dogs that was taken at this studio. I think it was taken in the 1860’s and have found a website that shows Drewett doing photography in 1864. This is where I found that information. http://www.newspaperdetectives.co.uk/master1864D.htm

    I would be happy to send you a copy of my cdv (front & back) if you would like to use it on your website. It’s really a great photo! I collect dog & people photos and have over 100 of them. All I ask is that you give me credit for the photo, in case anyone should ever want a copy of it. Thanks

    1. Hi Kristie,

      Yes, It would be great if you could send the photograph and its back that you mentioned. I can then feature it on the blog. Perhapsa it will encourage others to send in their favourite 19th century photos.
      (The photographer, Mr Drewett that you mentioned was still in business in Guildford in 1891 and possibly even later).


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