Gifts for Xmas

Christmas 2018 brought me three new carte de visite photographs, one from Sebastapol by M. Mazur, one by B. Notkovich from Slomin, Belarus, and the third from the studio of Done & Ball in London. Also included was a cabinet card from the studio of B. Federov in St Petersburgh. As can be seen below, the cartes from Slomin and London have an ecclesiastical flavour, showing a Rabbi and a Roman Cathlic bishop. The other two images are of young children, two of whom have halo-shaped hats, and a small baby perched precariously on a shelf unit.

These images are the photograph of the Slomin Rabbi and the reverse side showing the photographer’s details, written in Cyrillic script.

An un-named Catholic bishop wearing his distinctive biretta, This image was taken by Done and Ball of Baker Street, London.

Little girl, large hat, taken by M. Mazur of Sebastopol to mark a special occasion?
Girl with ‘straw’ hat and large umbrella and was that baby really safe on that narrow shelf unit.
Taken by Federov of St Petersburgh

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A collector of Victorian photographs for many a long year. I'm interested in both the individual photographs and the studio advertising on the 'backs' of the images, Victorian graphic design at its most varied and interesting. My collection of "cartes de visite" photographs is housed in plastic pockets within a series of albums, numerically arranged in order as they are acquired. There are now roughly 3000 photographers and images in all. I use directories, newspapers and genealogical information to research the life and work of each photographer and their studio but there aren't enough hours in the day. This photo is one of my collection, chosen for the gentle expression in the face of the sitter.

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