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jpg858Although my collection of carte de visite photographs comprises images mainly from the British Isles, visitors from every corner of the globe drop in to the site. Many visitors are from major English-speaking countries and former colonies, like Australia, Canada and the USA, possibly seeking information about British ancestors.

So far eighty four countries appear among the statistics on the flag map of the world, with Europe being well-represented. The majority of visitors (59.6%) are from the United Kingdom, with the USA coming in second with 17.1%. In Europe , the countries with most visitors to the site are France, Spain and Russia, while Lithuania and Serbia have only made one visit each to the site.

People from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have also visited, as has one each from the Faroe Islands, Indonesia, Senegal and Papua New Guinea. Grateful as I am to those who support the site, wherever in the world they come from, it would be interesting to know how many other countries there are that have yet to grace the site with their presence. Still, in the face of stiff competition from other sites devoted to Victorian photographers, we are holding our own. So many thanks for dropping in; I hope you found your visit interesting and worthwhile.

(Since first writing this post, I find there are approximately 190 countries in the world, meaning that there are about 100 that have not yet visited the site.)



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A collector of Victorian photographs for many a long year. I'm interested in both the individual photographs and the studio advertising on the 'backs' of the images, Victorian graphic design at its most varied and interesting. My collection of "cartes de visite" photographs is housed in plastic pockets within a series of albums, numerically arranged in order as they are acquired. There are now roughly 3000 photographers and images in all. I use directories, newspapers and genealogical information to research the life and work of each photographer and their studio but there aren't enough hours in the day. This photo is one of my collection, chosen for the gentle expression in the face of the sitter.

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