Two Midlands Photographers

This image is of Nottingham, in the English Midlands, down the road from where I live. The figure on the top of the building points to the studio of James Byron. He was a member of the Clayton photographic family , who were operating in the city throughout the second half of the 19th century.

The building fronts on to Nottingham’s Market Square, while Long Row runs along on the left. Also prominent is Beecroft’s Toy and Fancy Goods emporium, which remained in business well into the 20th century. The building was later the site of Nottingham’s Council House.

This image shows the studio of W.W. Winter, situated on Midland Road in Derby. Unlike Byron’s Nottingham studio, Winter’s was some way from the centre of Derby but convenient for the nearby railway station. After more than a century in existence Winter’s still runs as a photo studio, with some of its original features intact. Many of my family were ‘snapped’ there over the years.

Recently many old glass photographic plates were discovered in bricked up- cellars there. These plates are now being cleaned and conserved and will add more chapters to the history of photography in Derby.

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Gifts for Xmas

Christmas 2018 brought me three new carte de visite photographs, one from Sebastapol by M. Mazur, one by B. Notkovich from Slomin, Belarus, and the third from the studio of Done & Ball in London. Also included was a cabinet … Continue reading

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Getting ready to party?

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With the Festive Season approaching, here are a few Victorian images of people who could be on their way to a jolly social event. Not that you would know it from their faces. After all, it wasn’t the done thing … Continue reading

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New acquisitions (& welcome, new followers)

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Here are some recent finds for the collection. The next step will be to ascribe dates to each example and hopefully find out more about the photographers. I particularly like the Boak & Sons example, with its illustration of their … Continue reading

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Men of War

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  As we here in Britain prepare to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the end of the Great War, I thought it might be appropriate to show some of the military personnel from my collection. The first two in the … Continue reading

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Not just British photographers

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Looking at my blog, you might think that I only collect photographers from the British Isles. But no, I have a wide-ranging collection from countries all over the world, the Americas, Africa,the Antipodes, The East and of course all over … Continue reading


Heavenly Hosts

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As can be seen from the following examples, cherubs were a popular theme in carte de visite backstamps.  These ethereal creatures were often shown as manipulators of photographic equipment like camera or plates as in the cartes from H. Harper … Continue reading